Our Netherlands based webshop sells all kinds of guitar picks and strings. We sell over 450 different types of picks.

We also sell accessories as guitar-straps, guitar-cables en pickholders. Everything for your guitar! You name it, we've got it!

Plectrum-online.com has a huge selection of American top brands as Fender, Dunlop, Boston, Pickboy, Ernie Ball, Cobra, Sebastian, Steve Clayton, D'Addario, or our cheap but decent house-brand.

Everything for a reasonable price en shipped for the lowest shipping costs on the web! We ship through all of Europe for only € 4,95.

You can pay online through PayPal or creditcard and in the near future the payment-service of iDEAL is possible for all of Europe.

So choose your pick or string set and we deliver the goods in five days at your doorstep!


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Catharina van Renesselaan 8                    1200 CD Hilversum

1217 CX Hilversum                                      The Netherlands

The Netherlands                        


Chamber of Commerce of Flevo-

Gooi- en Eemland Kvkno. 32 08 19 08.


Mail: customersupport@plectrum-online.nl

Web: www.plectrum-online.com



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We also offer custom picks : http://www.plectrum-bedrukken.nl


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