Megadeals guitar pick kits

Megadeals guitar picks. Buy huge amounts of picks here! The more you buy, the cheaper it is!  

Buy large amounts picks of top brands as Jim Dunlop or Boston.

Cheap deals! We ship to most European countries with standard shipping and handling costs of € 4,95.


Boston pick kit Standard Nylon Teardrop (216 pieces)

Boston nylon pick kit

Boston nylon pick with soft pointed surface for a perfect grip. Kit with all sizes, from 0,46 mm to 1,21 mm. 216 pieces for € 59. That's only  € 0,27 a piece. With handy storage box.

Jim Dunlop pick kit Tortex Standard (216 pieces)

Dunlop Tortex Standard pick kit

Jim Dunlop Standard pick kit. Complete kit with sizes from 0,50 mm to 1,14 mm. 216 pieces in different colors for only 79. That's only € 0,36 a piece. With handy storage box.


Jim Dunlop pick kit Delrin 500 (324 pieces)

Dunlop Delrin 500 pick kit

The Delrin 500 combines the best plastics technology for a long sustainability. With a soft and polished surface ideal for soft play and quick release. Complete kit with all sizes, from 0,46 mm to 2,00 mm. 324 pieces in different colors for € 89. That's only € 0,27 a piece. With handy storage box.


Jim Dunlop pick kit Nylon Jazz (144 pieces)

Dunlop Nylon Jazz I, II, III pick kit

The Dunlop Nylon Jazz is mainly used by jazz guitarists, but can also be used by guitar players with other styles. The picks have a small, but firm grip. Complete kit with all styles, sizes and colors. Order now 144 high quality Dunlop-picks for € 89. With handy storage box.


Pickboy pick-kit Modulous Carbon (180 pieces)

Pickboy Modulous Carbon pick kit

Pickboy Modulous Carbon picks are made of very strong carbon. With these Pickboy picks sustainability is what it is all about. The strong heated carbon displays endurance for the long term. Complete kit with sizes from 0,60 mm to 1,14 mm. Now only € 95. With handy storage box.

Boston pick kit Standard Teardrop (288 pieces)

Boston Standard Teardrop pick kit

These Boston celluloid standard teardrop picks are the best choice for guitar players who like solid quality.  The same as Fender or Dunlop, but for a sharp price. The picks are not hard or soft but have a great medium sound, ideal for vintage quality sound.

The kit contains picks in the colors black and white and the sizes vary from 0,50 mm to 1,20 mm.

Now only  € 94. All orders are shipped through the whole of Europe with standard shipping and handling fee of € 4,95.